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  • Eva Amaral

Why do I still feel something is missing in my life?

I bet all of you have been asked or faced yourselves with this question at least once in your existence: What could you change in your life?

And your answer might have been: I could/need change my job. I could/need to change my wardrobe. I could redecorate my house. I need a boyfriend/girlfriend. I could use a bit more time in the mornings not to rush. And so on…

My second bet would be that most of the times after changing these things you might indeed have felt better. However, that leads me to my third and last guess - that feeling didn’t last that long and eventually you ended up experiencing that something was still missing again. And the cycle begun.

Many times, there are things that indeed need immediate change – some punctual experiences are painful and/ or uncomfortable and acting on these will of course bring immediate relief and a sense of well being.

However, I am talking about that never-ending feeling of dissatisfaction, disappointment, or emptiness... whatever is that you experience in your own individual way. The ones who can relate to this know what I am writing about.

Why is that? Why do we feel that for as much as we change, move, buy stuff… we still feel something is missing, or not right in our life?

The answer is right in front of your eyes. Even better, within YOU.

I am not saying that you must adopt a new identity or that you should change your personality. The answer I am sharing is PERSPECTIVE – the way things appear to you depend on HOW you look at those things.

This brings me to Wayne Dyer's quote - which I personally love -“If you change the way you look at things, things will change”.

The same life event might be interpreted in a different way by different people.

The truth is that you cannot change what happens to you in life. You might not be able to choose the country you were born, the parents you have, the children that you get, the disease that chooses you, and so forth. That is out of your control.

What you can choose instead is the way you look at these things. This doesn’t mean that it’s easy – for sure, it isn’t! – as in everything that we find difficult in life, it requires practice – a lot of practice!

So, my challenge for you today is:

What will you chose to look at in a different way today?

I suggest you start with simple things.

I will share with you my action of today: I mostly work from the same establishment in the city centre and I usually sit at the same table.

Today I decided just to adopt a different perspective, have a different view. This way I slightly challenge my brain to capture something different and discover the impact that might have on my day. And it has already inspired me to write this post!

Do you see? You can start simple like that.

Enjoy your new pair of glasses and feel free to share your experiences on Multipaths’ Facebook page!


About Eva:

Eva uses her experience and academic knowledge in Psychology, Human Resources, Coaching and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) to coach her international clients through both personal & professional transitions, helping them figuring out what's next.

Her mission is to be the catalyst for her clients' change, for their personal development, while building their confidence and improving their self-awareness.

Get in touch to understand how you could build your path together. The first conversation is free, so what do you have to lose?

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