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+10 years international career in recruitment and talent development

Making connections and contributing to the well-being and development of those around me is what makes me tick.

I am attuned to others, and I believe in making new connections for a bigger purpose.

I started my journey in developing others by earning a degree in Psychology. Later on, I decided to add another pillar to my knowledge and embraced a career in Human Resources. I worked in recruitment and talent development for the majority of my career.

My learning path includes studies in psychology, human resources management, project management, neuro-linguistic programming, person centred counselling and coaching, and improv theatre.

During my career in HR, I always felt that something was missing. I wasn't fully using my strengths and I felt dissociated from my values. I missed authenticity – my own and of those around me – and deeper connections.

I believed that I could have a more profound impact on others. So, I decided to follow my long-life dream of becoming a "human catalyst", helping others to apply their talents and develop further skills to achieve meaningful and fulfilling lives.

About Me: About Me


During the process, I use different coaching psychology approaches and techniques with the attention centred on my client.

Together we set your internal compass and bring to the surface your values, strengths, skills, improvements and assets. 

We establish a solid foundation to explore and discover new perspectives, opportunities and solutions, while filtering out sabotaging factors and limiting beliefs that might hinder your goal achievement or wellbeing.  

Using this awareness and knowledge, we set a concrete plan of action with specific steps to achieve your goals.

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