Online, Face to face and Walking sessions

You want to change something in your your career or in your personal life, but you are not sure what and/or how.
In these sessions I help you to explore and understand your own needs. 
Whether the challenge entails the transition to a more meaningful job, the exploration of a career after parenthood, or adapting to a new country or culture, I help my clients connect to their talents and values, helping them to own their direction.
Location is not an issue as I offer online sessions. Make the best out of your time and book your walking session. (WIP)


Get the Most out of Life

One of Multipaths' core values is connection. Both at a micro (personal) and macro level (community and economy).

Besides coaching and training, Multipaths is about building bridges and synergetic connections for success.

If you'd like to discuss how we could we help each other, let's chat.

Find out more about current connections (link).



Live and Online

(WIP) Would you like to promote better relationships between your team members or increase productivity? Multipaths offers tailored made training and activities for your team or organisation. Get in touch to know more about what solutions we could explore together.